Woe To Me, Poor Pitiful Soul
2004-10-26, 10:48 a.m.

I'm coming undone, I tell you.
I can eat all the Viactiv and tofu in the world, drink all the organic soy milk available and its not going to help me.
Last night got locked out checking Matty's SAT scores because he waits till the last minute to sign up...wait! That's not right...waits till the last minute to have ME signed him up...I'm a nervous wreak and can't remember the friggin password or the clue they give!
Tim's been picking his underwear out of the dryer since Sunday evening.
Shit...what is it with men? Why are they so hard on their underwear and why must they changed them 3x's a day?
I forget to replace what I throw out and he does his magic act with his undies.
Jesus, give me a non-tingling nerve!
I finished up my reports for PTA tonight, got Matty a new password.....
I'm going back to bed. I'm always like a bowl of jello...but I'm starting to melt....what if Dawn decides she won't let me have the kids to go to Big Papa's? I then made a big deal over nothing and once again feel my nerve.
Oh Lordy but I can't cope today and I have to face a bunch of hostile people tonight.
Woe To Me

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