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2007-03-23, 1:24 a.m.

Whoa, December was my last update, I'm so damn lazy. I should figure out how to update this through my email then perhaps I'll be able to update more.

The SHU was opened and christened with lots of blood, broken bones and teeth. Those bad boys just wouldn't respond the way they were ordered, but I also think the other County Correctional Officers took it too far.

I'm still loving working there. I just wished it wasn't for so many days straight; six on and two off.

I filed a grievance through the Union against the Prison for 'sexual discrimination'. Not sure of the settlement because I've been off since it was submitted.
The Warden was very upset when he received my grievance. He knew he'd have to pacify us with my request or we'd of taken it Federal the whole way.
I filed because I've gotten hit with mandatory over-time 5 times this year alone!!!!
They will let women work non-contact (lie... because all area require some contact) male areas...the worst of the worse and infirmary, but not let the male officers work the female areas.
Now hopefully that is changed and I won't have another mandatory in a long time.

Vinny had a computer in his room. Big mistake. He was addicted to it like a person addicted to drugs.
His grades plummeted, his hygiene was just about as bad as his school work. The only things he'd talk about were his games he was designing and forums he was writing on.
Needless to say, the computer is gone, and Vinny has a bedtime of 8:30 with the tv going off at 9:00.

Dawn is having another baby. She is due August 13th. I hope it's a girl, I don't think I'd be able to keep up with another Kaden and Kitana is so laid back.
Well, pehaps it doesn't have to be a girl....just a mellow kid would be lovely.

Matthew has decided on what he wants to do after graduating college. He wants to become a Pharmacuetical Representive.
When I told my partner at work what he decided, she (Nurse Ratchet) snidely stated, what a waste of money sending him to school just to become a salesman. I calmly kept my back to her and told her to stop the comments but she went on and on. I then turned and said that I didn't care what he did as long as he wasn't a slacker.
I truly meant it. I really don't care if Vinny grows up to be a door greeter at Walmart if that is what he truly wants to do. I just won't let him live at home like a bum.

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