2004-10-31, 10:35 a.m.

Just as I was getting use to being an abandoned child, my mother called me last night.
For almost 3 weeks, I didn't have her address nor a telephone/cell number to reach her at. I know she has a cell phone, but she never gave it to me, saying it cost too much money to use.
When she called last night, I was in a black mood and was jabby towards her. I'm sure I made her re-think the logic of calling me.
I then asked if she was going to give me the address or would she rather me NOT knowing where she lived. She just fucking teehee'd and said of course she was going to give it to me. I told her I didn't really care if she did, that I liked the fact that I was an old abandoned baby. I then asked if I was going to get her cell phone number, she's -ahhhh, I can't remember it, hold on and let me get it. I told her not to bother, because I wasn't going to write it down anyways.
She said she wanted us to go down and visit her, I said no, I don't have the time nor the money. She said she'd send me the money, I said I'd still not go down.
I actually told her what was going on when she politely inquired.
I had mentioned that I was afraid Dawn joined a religious cult, along with happenings of Matt, Vinny and Tim....nothing on me.
After I told her that stuff, she preceeded in telling me about cleaning her new home and about Nannie having shingles and all the pain she was in.
I yelled at her and said, -see now you know why I don't tell you shit about my family!!!! I tell you Dawn joined a fucking religious cult and may feed my babies kool-aid and all you talk about is fucking Nannie and cleaning your fucking trailer!
She then said, whats a cult?
Oh fuck me jesus!!!
She then asked if I wanted her to talk to Dawn? I snorted, and asked when was the last time you even said hello to her? I told her, she best stay away from the situation, that I'm explosive enough towards her, without her adding more to the list!
Why the fuck did she have to call me?

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