2004-10-26, 9:08 a.m.

Soy soy, please help me.
I'm such an emotional wreck the past few days or more.
Yesterday I drank far too much coffee and my mind couldn't focus on just one thing, nor would it make sense of what was rambling around up there.
My heart was ticking as fast as a normal person's, but far to fast for what I'm use to. It wasn't till about 1:45am that I finally calmed down.
Christmas dread is already happening.
I called my Sister-in-law up because they already had the name drawing, I'm happy we did that, but where they had all their grandchildren in the hat, they failed to include Tim's!
I called Ann up at 7:41am inquiring what her grandchildren were interested in for Christmas, that I wanted to get my shopping finished up soon so that I could just focus on the Holiday, Family and the Spirituality of the season. I had also inquired as to why mine and Tim's grandchildren weren't included?
I left it on a message, she was out walking her grey hounds. She called me back and of course I was boo hooing...much to my dismay...I hate when people know my feelings got hurt. She apologized and asked if they we're even going to go to Papa's? I said yes, that last year they didn't because I felt my nerve with my protesting against buying for all the Kids and their children, that things had gotten to far out of hand and I was unwilling to participate in that. That I had gone down long enough to eat dinner and have some small talk...but left long before the gift exchange!
I preceeded in stating that Kit@na had always gone down and enjoyed playing with her 'cousins' at Big Papa's. That I didn't have her go last year due to the gift exchange. But that this year her and K@den both would be going down since K@den and Ryan are the same age and may enjoy each other.
Its being taken care of...a new drawing will be had because her son and daughter-in-law have legal custody of a nephew now and his name has also been forgot in the hat.
I'm glad there is much heat over this election year because Vinnie is so into it!
On the drive to school, he said he was watching FoxNews and saw that the country had lots of red and that Bush will be winning.
I explained to him, that is a bit deceiving because you have to count the electoral votes of each of those states. I explained how many votes those states represented....
We didn't have that far to drive and it only made him confused.
Jim came over yesterday and we sat and drank coffee (see above) and Tim was home too because my new stove was coming and I had to go to court with Maelen.
Anyways, we were talking about Bush's visit to Hershey last week and his visit this Thursday to Lancaster. I told Jim, I felt like one of those teen-age girls from years past, swooning when they saw The Beatles!
This morning when I logged on, I had an email from Jim....he wrote it late last night to me.
Its absolutely amazing how strongly people on both sides of this election!
First of all I want you to know, if you don't already, that I am not political. I hate the games they play.

I do not think either of them care about the persons agenda but the politcal party's agenda.

And I do not think Kerry is the answer. But he is the lesser of two evil.

I may also be too environmentaly "friendly" for lack of a better term.

But I do know...

Bush has supported a bill that says that the federal government can not negotiate drug prices for drug comopanies that sell products to Medicare and Medcaid recipients...whichever one that is. You can argue that I don't even know which that is ... all I know is that it is paramount to saying "Open you're wallets...we want your money."

Two, he has not challenged our environmental protection laws...but what he has done is changed the policies on a scale of over 1200 acts where he has "not changed the law" but effectively chnaged the policy to destroy the progess we have made. You should read about what he has done.

Put all law and corporate interests aside...once you destroy the is gone. IT IS GONE. Political ideologies mean nothing any more to an environment that cannot sustain life ...with the argument to "keep us going for a few more years". It is a stop gap solution. Not a real solution at all.

Sure they are tough issues...and I do not want to see the "spend and waste" of the democrats either.

But the imperialistic idea of world control is not working unless we are going to become truly imperialistic. This "dilly dallying" is a bunch of crap.

I also don't like the idea of war for "profit in the rebuild".

Believe me...I do not support the democratic agenda...but I fear the Bush agenda is so detrimental to our future.

I know you support his right wing ideas. But where has become the separation of Church and State in his supporters. And I am not a leftist. I am just not a rightist. I am a neither.

We must have separaitism of legalism versus moralism. If you want to smoke a cigarreteyou want that right don't you? But some religions ban that. Should our government embrace that? (Used to make a point!)

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