Santa's Workshop
2004-12-09, 9:10 p.m.

I'm establishing a regular sleep pattern. Its been years since I've been able to go to bed at a decent time and not wake in the middle of the night, just to prowl about and make sure everything is okay.
Since today is Kaden's birthday and I need a memory marker of what I had done, in regards to test, I had blood work done and an echocardiogram done today. Not sure why I had to do either of those things.
Santa's workshop has been going very well. We have had many things to pick out for all the classes.
Unlike the last place we dealt with, this new place replaces sold out items the same day or next afternoon. And that means the last class has as good of choices as the first class.
The children are all so excited when walking through and I want to cry when when I see a child come in with a christmas list with over $ takes forever to pick out that many items when things cost anywhere from 25 cents to $5!
I'm already dreading next year.

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