Calm Like Olivia Walton
2004-12-06, 5:36 a.m.

Went to a new Doctor on Friday. I really like him a lot. He is quirky and has a great sense of humor.
Its offical, I have lost weight....16 pounds! Wow, and I've been eating lots, only sometimes that I forget that I havent' eaten.
I didn't realize this Doctor was Indian when I told him I need different medication for my nerves. I said I either need new or I'll have to go to Calcutta for a lobotomy and die there after, on the filthy streets of India.
He asked me if I had ever been to India? I said no, that I'm still waiting to receive my green card (speaking of green card, just got notice I need to send additional money for fingerprinting!!!!!). He told me his wife lived across the street of the US Embassy in Calcutta and that its a real shit hole. I laughed, and said then that's even more reason to give me new medicine!
I got zoloft and ativan. The ativan I'm not to sure about. It makes the top of my head all warm...I have visions of brains cells up there frying...perhaps a chemical lobotomy. He said he didn't want to keep me on that too long because its addictive and changes your personality. I can see that happening...I feel like I'm retarded and have no control while taking it. The zoloft is wonderful, I don't feel as jumpy and scared.
Different rumors circulate about my old Doctor. Some say he is in and out of a Mental Hospital and others say he's lost his license to practice medicine and others say he is just on medical leave.
Dawn told me that he was calling her up at home and just rambling on in conversation about being sick, his surgery, being broke and depressed. So, who knows whats true.
I went to his house last Thursday to take him some Christmas bread and a card, but he wasn't home. I just hope what ever the truth is, that he is alright.
I have my shopping just about complete and all that has been purchased so far is wrapped!
We went and tagged the Christmas tree. Its been a few years since I've had any desire to leave the house and traipse through the woods in search of one. Only wished we'd of had snow, then it would have felt more Waltony.
I'll be busy as heck this week up at the school with the Santa Workshop....ha, this will be the real tester on how good Zoloft is to me!!

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