The Week In A Nut Shell
2004-12-12, 5:42 p.m.

Santa's Workshop was a success, we did 3x's more sales than we did last year. I only wished we'd of had more volunteers. It really felt like a job sans the pay. The only thing left for me to do is the paperwork and send in the money, and that's that for fund raisers, until Spring.
I have everything prep'd for my big Christmas bake off, gifts are all purchased and wrapped. All I need to do yet is run to the Post Office; a chore that I detest because I can't parallel park worth a shit and I end up shaming my ass for those unfortunate enough to be stuck behind me. Oh, and yes, I'm one of those people who will bump your bumper and not leave a note if there isn't noticable damage.
New medicine is still working good. Not sure how good it is for my OCD, but perhaps it is doing its job, I still fuss over the damnest things, but I don't become agitated about it. If anything, its moved me into warp speed so that I can accomplish what all it is I need to accomplish by a certain time.
That in itself can be a bit problematic. I damn near burnt my washing machine up by thinking I could kill 2 birds with one stone, by running a wash cycle with the filter to clean out the mess the rugs left. The filter got lodged between the thing in the center and the walls of the washer and couldn't move. Thank God I got a nose like a hound dog and smelt the belt burning. I ran into the wash room to see the washer smokin!
God loves me and prevented me from busting the washer. After removing the filter the washer did as it was suppose to do.
Matty is working on my last nerve! He is just now starting to sit down to do his applications for college. I informed him he best start putting in for scholarships....I'm not doing it for him. I told him its no hair off my ass whether he does it or not....I'm not paying for his education!
When I went to college, you could almost always tell those who paid their own way and those who's parents paid. Besides, I paid, he can pay.....okay, poor Tim ended up paying off my student loans.
I told Matty I'd help him out some, but not to count on anything, that way anything that is sent should be considered manna from heaven.

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