2006-05-12, 1:24 a.m.

Bad habits are slipping out of practice.
I've braved it up to listen to music of my teen-age years. The memories it conjures are bittersweet. Almost grace-like in form.
Listening to the Beatles, a war blazing, and all we talked about while getting high on hash is whether or not they'd all be allowed back in the States together again.

Last week or the week before last, I received a kiss from someone other than my husband. It was weird and funny. Of course the first person I tell is Sharon. She asked if I had told Tim, and when I said no, we imagined what his reaction would be.
I told Tim while on the phone talking to Sharon. He wasn't fazed by it at all; never even missed a beat in chewing his pretzels.

Tonight an Inmate I dubbed

    'Princess Cunt'
made a threat against me and 2 other Officers. Stupid little girl, she still thinks she'll be getting out next week.

I'll close now with a picture of my new puppy Dermie

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