Quick Run Down
2006-05-05, 1:05 a.m.

A lot of changes happening.

I made it through my probation period at the prison. But I'm forbidden to say the word "perplexed" because it only gives me validation of being a "perplexed twit".
Yeah, I love these jackasses.

Vinny is finally walking the 4 blocks to school. I just don't understand him; he'll ride his bike with his dad and do 15 or more miles at a shot, but wimper like a baby when I tell him to walk.

Tim is learning how to cook...some of which tastes good.

I forget to take my medicine a lot and haven't had a melt down....yet.
Although one inmate had me so mad that I was shaking like I was having a convulsion, but I blew it off like my sugar dropped.
The prison can fire you for having anxiety attacks.

I bought a Newfoundland puppy. I named him Dermie after my favorite Uncle from Newfoundland.
I can hardly wait until he is full grown. It will look as if I'm walking a big black bear.

I've been having visions of becoming a menace to society.

The inmates are finally understanding my humor.
When we take the inmates over to Medical for their medication, we have to check their mouths to make sure they swallowed. This one inmate, who is a lesbian, has a faulty tongue. She can't lift it so I can see under.
The one night that we were over, I shook my head with exaggerated disappointment, and told her that she was just like an impotent man with that tongue and lack of motion.
Just tonight I told one of the inmates I was going to go into a different section to hide then pull the wickey down and say naughty things to our resident paranoid schizophrenic as if she were hearing voices, and say how the other inmate was stealing her socks and batteries.
Oh but they get me back! They'll make up songs about me...the kind of songs you'd sing in boot camp while marching...about pushing me in a river and letting me drown, draw pictures of me in different situations.
My favorite is that they have nicknamed me 'Mace'. Anytime they hear velcor pulling and I'm anywhere near them, they dive for cover.

Things are going great at this time in my life. I still love my job and am so happy working there. The inmates really give me lots of joy and humor.

Matty is doing great in school...so he tells me. I have as yet to see any of his grades. All I see big parent^plus loan statements each month.

Dawn is doing good. She works all the time, so it is mostly Robert I see on a semi-regular bases. I do have to say, I enjoy his company much.

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