Louie Louie
2004-08-09, 7:40 p.m.

Hip Hip Hurray

Maelen isn't pregnant!

I told her she best keep those legs glued together and no bending.

She's getting those birth control shots anyhow.

I trust no girl to keep their legs crossed or at least not with the benefit of a bend every now and then.


Matty wasn't upset about our vacation week being mixed up. It really didn't seem to phase him at all.

I was rather surprised.

I have such a good boy.

He said he still would have taken that week off anyways because of soccer.


Tim has several collector Les Paul guitars. Vinny and Maelen are upstairs making a video.

I walk in and Maelen is filming and Vin has one of the guitars in his arms, with sunglasses and a ball cap turned sideways. He's plucking the same string over and over and claimed he was playing Louie Louie....not sure if he meant the oldie song or a made up song using his middle name.

What a goof.

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