You Deserve All That You Get
2004-08-11, 12:56 p.m.

It took me three days to cut Vinny's hair. I thought it looked good the first time about, till Matty and Jarod (our 6'7" giant cousin) took a gander at what I had done!

The haircut following that got messed up because Vinny decided to cough and then scootch about, creating a tad bit of a bald spot here and there.

Today, it's just right!


Its been almost a month since Maelen has joined our family. Honeymoon is over and can you believe we still rush to do chores so the other doesn't do it!

Who'd of thought I'd see the day that a child of mine would race me to do a chore!

Do I need to mention how thrilled I am to have her?


I'm trying to locate the picture Matty took of Jarod and I with his phone...he has a T-Mobile, so if any one knows how I can e-mail that picture to myself, let me a very detailed message. Pretend your telling a 3 year old how to do it.....Matty doesn't know how to do it either...


I went to the library to grab a few books to take to the ocean....I'm totally spaced lately, and failed to order a bunch of books prior to leaving.

While I was there I went to the true crime section and was skimming through some of the books.

I'm becoming very cold hearted and have no pity for people who commit crimes, then blame their environment.

There were a couple articles in the local paper about rapes that are occurring at the county prison. The Commissioners said they can't do anything about it, that they are of low morals and that basically they get what they get while in there.

This all came to surface because a Mother who's son is in there went an made a complaint because her son is the one who got raped.

I think I know the person that got raped and certainly know the mother through years of baseball with the City.

Can we all say DIRTBAG.

Her son is only 17 years old, but he murdered another scum bucket drug dealer New Years Eve, in a parking lot, over drugs and money owed.

Fine time for her to start being concerned about her kids. She should have taught him better as he was growing up.

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