Life, how sweet it is
2005-09-08, 12:06 a.m.

Its to daunting having 2 diaries happening. So I'll just continue with this one and give up the other one.
Perhaps I'll even update more often.

Things are crazy at work. I had to call out my 1st !!!BACKUP!!! call Monday. I don't know how it happened, but I found myself cornered and in a narrow hallway when a fight broke out. I didn't want to use my pepper spray because I'd of become contaminated. That's when I used my radio and called for help. It only took about 30 seconds for huge men to start barreling down the block. I was able to back out and throw myself up against a wall to keep from getting injured.
I was so shook up after they got handcuffed that I couldn't get my keys off my belt to secure the cuffs.
What a dumb ass.
I told the Corp. that he hexed the evening by telling us to relax and enjoy the Holiday. We had fights burst out all over the jail.

I really am feeling like a zombie. I think all the hours are taking a toll on me. I just pray daily that I don't become hardened like many of the other Correction Officers. I have learned early on, not to take their rudeness and aggressions personally. I'm firm and respectful to them, even when making demands.
That sort of cracks me up when I literally stand in front of them, demanding whatever action is needed at the moment. Most times they become compliant and if not I give a major misconduct, which is a pain in the ass, and they are put in lock down for whatever time the Disciplinary Board determines.

I had mentioned that I had a new girl come to stay a short time with us. Well, she's no longer short term, I really took a liking to her, even though I didn't want to become close and emotional over her. She is sweet, but I do see a bit of rebellion that lurks behind the persona she is projecting.
But that's okay, I like them with spunk.

Vinny just had a birthday. Not sure if I mentioned that he took it upon himself to have a Birthday party. He sent out the invitations and everything. Since he showed so much initiative, I was more than happy to comply.

I don't see the grandchildren as much anymore, but I enjoy them more than ever when they are around.
Kaden really cracks me up. He is so full of personally! Kitana is as sweet as ever, as has finally learned how to ride a 2 wheeler.

I see so much of myself in each of them. Having the grandchildren and seeing me in them has made me remember many happier moments in my younger life.

As hectic as life is at the moment, I am truly content with my lot in life. I only wished I had more energy to do more.

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