Come On Make My Day
2005-08-31, 1:57 a.m.

I spoke to the Director today and he has okay'd Maelen's Wilderness Trail. So hopefully I'll have her back home next month or so, but I won't get my hopes up till she walks in the door.

The new girl seems to be doing alright here. She doesn't really say much. I did send her to school today and she had a good day.

Vinny loves his teacher. He said she is firm, but not rude. He does best with that type of teacher. Vinny does have some of his close friends in his class, but not his best friend.

Matty called me today. He needs money of course. He said his Lab book for one of his Chem. classes is almost $450.oo!!!! Crap, I hope it lasts him more than a semester.

A few of the recent hires at work have put in for the 1 slot that is open for full-time. That means I'll have less hours. That makes me sad, I could spend everyday at work if I had to.
I guess I'll have all my days that I signed up for in September taken from me.

We have a woman in who just got out of a Maximum Security Prison, not sure why she is back in a County jail, but there she is. She told me that the other women are driving her crazy with all their bitching and moaning. She said in a State Prison you don't have that, they just attack.

Last night I pulled my pepper spray. I am still anxious/eager to spray it on someone. The women know it, so the ones that were fighting backed off when I pulled it.
The shitheads.

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