Let The Games Begin
2005-09-20, 9:34 a.m.

Well I imagine some shit is hitting the fan today and a whole lotta people got lots of explaining to do.

Oh dear diary, you remember me telling you about that fat ass wench who fucked with my coffee? Oh my, but how I have discovered her weakness! I mean, I've known since the beginning that she was a miserable piece of shit. That she'd get her jollys bulling people around, that she was insecure, etc etc...but I have been observering her, oh yes I have.
On the nights that we got stuck working with each other, we would naturally have to communicate with each other. And I'd notice she'd get jacked if I use any words over 2 syllables or when I was typing up the log, she'd yell at me as to why I'd use that word?

This is going somewhere.

Last week it was reported that I left a door unsecured. It just didn't happen. I'm very anal about locking doors since the 1st time I did leave a door unlocked during my training period.
Anyhow, it was reported that the door was left unlocked when they did their 1st walk through, but in the log it was stated as being "All in order."
The Sergeant called me into the control station and questioned me on it. I explained myself and my actions. He then asked me if it were possible that I just got distracted? I told him that section is constantly a distraction and would have no bearing on my routine. Plus the fact that my Partners from that shift had earier told him that it has never ever occurred while working with me. I then went back to my block.
While over there I pulled logs for that night and discovered that the report wasn't made till 4am and then only to a white shirt that works the day shift!
Needless to say I wrote off a scathing letter to my Sergeant and the Captain declaring my innocents and the inconsistencies of the logging and the reporting.
He made copies of everything; logs included and is going to bat for me.
That shift has been known for lots of falsifications and large sums of money disappearing. As a matter of fact, I think these allegations were only a smoke screen for the investigation of missing monies inmates are complaining about.

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