A Season of Change, & I Like It
2005-10-01, 1:49 a.m.

I seem to be going through a season of change. Not only physically but also the way I think and feel about things. I seem to see less evilness/mean spiritedness in people. Prior, I'd forget a lot of the bad; how else could I have done FosterCare for so many years.

I use to be so against this Prison Ministry that is near my home, but now I see the value of what they do for the Inmates. I now drive past it and try to remember to get our clothing together so that I can donate to them.
Their even good and thoughtful of the Corrections Officers. One night we were having a horrible night, it was so bad that we cancelled Bible Study. Later that evening a woman came back from the Ministry and brought us a homemade apple pie. I was really touched and appreciative of her thoughtfulness of us.

Matty is doing well in school. He says he can't study like he use to in High School, which obviously means he's gotten lower than average grades he once did in High School. He says he needs to study every night and he's shocked on how his 'homework' isn't collected and counted towards his grade.
He's meeting lots of new people and experiencing many new happenings.
Over-all he is doing well and has adjusted to this new life. I'm just grateful he hasn't dropped out of school like some of his friends. One of his friends who won a full scholarship is changing to a school of Theology! Its kind of hard for me to picture this young man as a Minister.
Its kind of neat to witness a person receiving a 'calling' from God and adhering to the call.

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