All Because of Hurray For Hazel
2004-08-07, 2:17 p.m.

Hurray For Hazel

Oh Sweet Pea


Tutti Fruiti

Heard one of those songs at the fitness center and it made me remember the other ones. I use to play with my Barbie dolls, along with a with one of my brother's flatbed red truck.

Thought then of the Evil and her Captian and Tennille Dolls. Geez, I'd of loved those dolls. I bought Dawn Marie a Michael Jackson doll when they 1st came out, only because I really wanted it.

My favorite Barbie doll wasn't a Barbie, it was her best friend Midge. What kind of name is Midge. The old Skipper dolls were much better with their flat chests versus the little bumpy chests they have now.

I loved the anticipation of Christmas back then also. I always knew I'd get a new Barbie. I'd play my dolls with the same anticipation of the new person coming to live with us.

But then again another memory I have with my Barbie doll playing is of this new family that moved into the neighborhood.

I traded one of my good Barbie's for one of those cheap flimsy plastic boy dolls. I wanted a boy doll real bad. I stopped playing with those sisters soon after.

Later I had overheard one of the Mother's of other friends talking about those girls. They said a group of the girls got together and were caught inserting sticks into their vaginas.


I think that family moved shortly after that.

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