2004-08-05, 2:14 p.m.

Sharon tells great stories. I wished she of kept her diary going instead of just doing those 3 or 4 entries declaring her desire for some goof.

She was telling me the other day that she and another female detective went to pay a visit to some family for some reason or another.

The child who answered the door and was the only one to speak English was of undetermined age. Sharon said the only she noticed was her hairy ass legs and Fred Flintstone feet. She knew it was a girl because she had on a very unflattering dress.

When they left the residence, Sharon asked the detective if she noticed the legs on that child, the detective said -Hell no, I was too mesmerized by her mustache!

I think Tim gets jacked when Sharon and I talk on the phone...when I'm upstairs in the bedroom.

Last night he bitched about my cigerette smoking...I usually just tell him not to breathe so deep. But I really think he was just bitching so I'd take my conversation out of the room.

It is, to state mildly, rather inappropriate most times....all the time[?]

The other day after the discussion on the girls legs and mustache, we had an imaginary conversation between a pediphile and his child.

Hillarious to us, but I'm sure if anyone else would have heard it, they'd of cringed and probably reported us.


The other day when I bit my tongue to hold back on a bitch, it was about how so many people came to dinner when I thought it was only going to be Maelen's friend. Not only did Maelen's friend have her Mother and Cousin come, after dinner they asked to bring back dinner for the brother!

Ah yeah, okay. Smile. Think...What the fuck! Get plastic containers and pack food up.

Later I had told Sharon about it, mostly because the friend had told me Sharon was her caseworker. If Sharon is your caseworker thats a big UH OOOOH. Its usually due to physcial abuse or sexual abuse. It turned out the girl confused Sharon's name for Sherry's name.


Sharon then asked if the girls mother came to the house scantly dressed? -No I said, why? She said that she had did an initial interview or something with the family. She said the Mother wore hootchie clothing. I laughed and said -as a matter of fact, she drove her daughter over and wouldn't come to the house because she had shorts on!

How neat is that, someone who dresses respectfully when then come to see me and if they aren't they hide out in the car!

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