Communion With God
2004-08-08, 10:27 p.m.

The weather is beautiful!

I needed to go to the mountains today. I felt the need of spirituality. I always feel closer to God high in the soft roll of the hills.

I tried finding a Polka station on the am stations...none was to be had, but I did find Black Gospel Music!

I admire that people, especially blacks can get a hold of the spirit like that. I don't like listening to white religious music.

To tight assed.

I wished I could go into an all black church and just feel a little of what they feel. But, they'd be all stressed with some old white lady sitting there, just observing.

But who knows, it would probably scare the bajesus out of me, just like the one time I went to a Pentecostal Church. Lordy, when they started thrashing and talking in tongue, I thought for sure the Devil got a hold of them.

I'm tight assed about my religion. I like that they follow a script/gospel. I take pleasure and comfort in rituals, thank you.

While we were driving, I started crying. I mourned the loss of my father and my mother.

My mother isn't dead, but she is dead in my heart.

Why does Dawn do what she does to me.

She brought the children over the other day.

Kaden got all messy while playing outside.

I worried that Dawn would get pissed at me and not bring them over again. So I stripped Kaden down, washed and dried his clothes so she wouldn't be angry.

I had to soak his socks a long time in bleach....because I was stupid and let him back outside without his shoes.

He had so much fun!

He calls Vinny 'GoGo'.

When Dawn came over to pick up the kids, the socks were still wet. She asked why, I explained I had washed all his clothes because he had gotten messy. She said she didn't care.

Yeah right, I recall all the times prior that she yapped at me about them getting so messy here!

While we were driving we stopped at a lovely restaurant. It was called 'Summit View'. It was at the top of the mountains and had a beautiful view. We were surrounded by mountains! The food was so good. Vinny wanted to order the lobster because he said he never tried it. Tim rolled his eyes, I told Vin if he wanted it go ahead and order it. He decided to order the duck instead, but I order it and shared it with him. He said he was glad he didn't order it, that he preferred crab instead.

I'm glad he didn't either.

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