EBAY Drama
2004-11-28, 7:22 p.m.

I sabotage my good karma.
I bid on an item at ebay....
Let these 3 email exchanges sum up my experience:


You retracted a $75.00 bid , but you also bid $36.00 earlier and that was the bid that won. Are you still wanting to cancel this bid? Please let me know. Brad

Dear Brad,

Yours was the 1st bid I bid on. I had bid up to $55.55, then I got confirmation that I had needed to bid higher. I didn't, still thinking it was a Barbie Doll house, I went back into Ebay in search of another one. I found it, and gave a top bid of $50.50, I then got confirmation on that one that my bid was good.
This morning I went back on line to check out the Doll House, because porcelain just didn't seem appropriate for my 6 year old granddaughter to have as a play house.
I then went into Google and realized my mistake! I didn't think anything of my bid, thinking someone will probably out bid me because the $55.55 bid on your item wasn't enough.
Lo and Behold....a few minutes later, I get notification that someone had dropped out of the bidding (on your item) and I was the highest bidder.
Panic set in and you know the rest of the story.

Merry Christmas and Much Thanks

Barbara C

Too funny. You sound like you got it all together now. Thanks for the story. I'll have something to tell my wife at dinner. Thanks again. Brad

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