Mother's Day 2005
2005-05-09, 12:20 a.m.

I'm so weepy and tired. This past weekend has been very stressful and emotional.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Dawn Marie called me up, we both had to work so we weren't able to get together. Tim and Vinnie built me a beautiful grape arbor and Matty wrote me a beautiful letter....which made me finally surcome to the tears I was holding back...along with my favorite blending perfume.

The shift supervisor I worked with this week is very cold/indifferent with the ladies and runs things by the book. I think she was stressing me out somewhat. She kept bugging me to go away to Williamsburg Virginia for the entire weekend, next weekend. I don't even know her, nor do I want to go away to Virginia for a weekend without my family!
I kept explaining to her that I have a younger son yet at home, that I just can't pick up like that. She then said have Tim take vacation time from his job...NO...then ask your daughter to take him to school...NO, because either my granddaughter would be late for school or my son would....she's then, well what's 10 minutes?
It was having a very hard time not getting up in her face and telling her to fuck off. Only through the grace of God did I continue being polite.

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