Many Lessons Learned Today
2005-05-04, 9:13 p.m.

Today was a much better day than the other 2 days. I think it has much to do with the Senior Officer I trained with today. If you could choose a hero for the day, I'd of chose her. She is very respectful towards the inmates and they in turn are very respectful towards her. She is an excellent teacher and I hope to work more shifts with her.
Things are now starting to click in for me. I don't find the blocks so alien, nor the ladies so faceless. I have seen many of my children that I have had over the years and kids they hung out with, they now remember me and are very respectful towards me.
There is an older woman just placed last week. She is probably my age or older. She has taken to seeking me out when I go on her block. She seems to be a woman of upper middle class. I was just assuming she was in for a DUI.
She was advanced today as a trustee and she got to move out of the general population and over to outmate. She will be cleaning the front lobby and earning $2.oo a day.
I was the one to give her a bag and tell her she was to pack her stuff up and move it to outmate. Later when I was over at outmate, she approached me and told me how glad she was over here vs being in General. I laughed and said and 2 bucks a day! She really was happy to be out. She said she was scared of all those psychotic girls. She said she hadn't had a period for over a year and that this week she got it, I explained to her that most of the women were having their period now and that its normal for her to get her's even after a year, that women when cloistered together such as they are, tend to have their periods flow together.
I had a lesson played on me by a few of the inmates. A girl was being released, and she poked about while getting her things together. Three times a call came over the radio asking where she head is still hurting from that jackass yesterday and the radio was bothering my head, so I flipped down the little window from the control room and called out for Nicole, she turned not much of a rush....and I said hey, the Captain said forget it, your to stay. I laughed when I saw her face and hurriedly told her I was teasing.
Later when I was in that block a few of the girls told me how dangerous it was to say something like that to her. That riots were started over things less than, they at least respected me enough to let me know when I did a major fuck up without flipping out.

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