2005-05-17, 8:05 a.m.

Last week was so busy. I'm really missing.......

As usual, just as I find a moment for me, the phone rings and on most occassions has something to do with the PTA. Bake sale today and they don't have the money box!
...1 hour later.

Working all the hours I've been still seems less work than what I did while staying at home. The one CO that I did back to back doubles with, she was mandatory, complained of being tired and I was the runner those shifts! Glad I got myself Doc Martens instead of going to WalMart like the others from my class....they have ended up with blisters while on a single shift.

Last week was the last of PTA in regards to things to volunteer for, meetings, fund raisers and etc.. I feel as if I already have much responsibily to be aware of lifted off my mind.
We had a luncheon for the Teachers on Friday. It was the last of a 3 day appreciation of gifts, breakfast and flowers. We went over $100 dollars we had allotted in our budget. I just didn't care, all of us Officers have taken full time jobs and we just didn't have the time to fuss and check for sales.

I'm glad things have been so hectic, it gives me less time to focus on Matty leaving....oh wow, let the flood gates open now.

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