A Very Welcomed Surprise
2005-05-18, 10:28 a.m.

I want to share an email exchange between Tina and I. Tina was a foster child that I had for over 2 years.
There were many moments when I thought I had left no impact upon her.
Boy has she proven me wrong!

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From: cristina

To: bbc.com

Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 3:35 PM
Subject: hey

Hey ma this is tina i just wanted you to have my new email address so email me back how is the family doing? well Deziana is doing good i can't wait to see you again so that you can see how well she is doing also me a luis broke up do not get mad ill tell you more about it later is just to much to say right now but anyways i will call you tonite if that is not a problem my friend is coming to take me and my friend mary to the movies so that we can get out so call me if you can if not ill call you my number is ******** okay i hope to hear from you soon well i love you alot but i gotta go now ma okay i send you ltz of love and to the family


From: "Barbara"
To: "cristina "
Subject: Re: hey
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 14:53:02 -0400
EEEEEE Tina!!!!! What happened with you and Luis?
Happy Belated Mother's Day to you too.
Glad Deziana is doing well and hope that Elijah is being a helpful big brother.
When will Deziana be out of the hospital?
Take care my Darling Tina Weena.

Barbara aka Ma <---Ma makes me feel old, fat and ugly!!!! =]


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From: cristina
To: BBC.com
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: hey
lol what do you want me to call you nane um just alot of stuff he was not doing very much around and always hitting elijah and i do not want my son to go threw what i went trew so i said that is done elijah is being very helpful and wel should bne going homw in like about a month or so they are not sure bit im happy so mom im gonna let you go i hope to hear from you soon okay i love you and the family


From: "Barbara"
To: "cristina "
Subject: Re: hey
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 01:27:11 -0400

Tina I'm very proud of you that you selected your children over a man!!!!
So many women I see, choose the man over the children.
I'm glad that Elijah is being a big help to you and and Deziana.
How in the world are you going to get back and forth from Philly?

Elijah's daddy....Jimbo...is like a crazy man in jail. Screaming and kicking his walls and doors...also peeing all over his mattress and room.
>I'm so happy you arent' with him and that Elijah doesn't know him as 'daddy'.
Take care my Tina Weena

Love Barbara (Mom)


That is not the way you though me i was tought better then that, also about elijah's dad he is nto doing any good for us anyways so i do nt care about him right nw so how are you doing? How do you like the job me i have no job but will have to find one soon and you know that im not like that i rather my children before my own mother and she had me but we all know the story to that....lol well im going to get to philly by luis he said that he wil still be there if i needed anything for deziana or elijah well i gotta talk to yuo later ....Did you find out if jamie is pregnat?

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