101 Things About Me
2004-10-11, 12:09 a.m.

1 I'm female
2 Daughter
3 Sister
4 Wife
5 Mother
6 Grandmother
7 I am sort of like Clinton -"I feel your pain"
8 I've got good instincts
9 I'm Canadian
10 Its taken me over 2 years to get a replacement green card.
11 I'm an illegal alien at the moment.
12 November 1st is my bestest day in the whole year
13 I love to have my birthday acknowledged with much fan fair
14 I was traumatized by 1st grade
15 I nearly flunked it to
16 I loved my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Duff. She taught me how to use my fingers to count and to let me finger paint when I'd cry
17 I have a keen sense of smell
18 I smoke constantly, but hate the smell
19 I celebrated my 16th birthday in Las Vegas
20 I've been married 4 times
21 This is my last marriage
22 The picture posted in my profile is not me
23 My hearing isn't all that swell
24 I'm comfortable with myself and that around me
25 I'm loyal
26 I can't tell a lie without smirking, so I just don't bother
27 My memory is terrible, another reason I don't lie
28 I have the gift of 'knowing'
29 I've lived on my own since the age of 14
30 I love making yeast breads; makes me feel the goodness of creation that God must have experienced
31 I think the Blessed Mother of Jesus has a bigger role in creation than what is told
32 I never yell at her in my prayers when I'm angry
33 When I'm dreadfully depressed, I sleep like the dead
34 I haven't a paying job
35 I do much volunteering
36 I'm a loud mouth
37 I called someone a bad name once and got smacked
38 I hit her back so hard she fell off her stool
39 I never hit anyone again
40 I spent a few hours in jail and got a reputation as being 'one hard bitch' by the police
41 I don't show my fear to those I don't trust
42 I'm paranoid with everyone, especially those I trust
43 I'm very obsessive over cleaning certain things
44 My closets mimic my mind; junked and ready to spill all its contents upon careless openings
45 I really want to go to Calcutta and have a lobotomy
46 I wonder if the world still has lepers
47 I wonder about a whole lot of useless things
48 I cook a lot of chicken; no matter how I cook it, it still tastes the same
49 I never eat dark meat at Chinese Restaurants
50 Half way there
51 I can never remember my cell phone number
52 I'm a bad driver, years of practice did not improve it any
53 My favorite mode of travel is the train. I have traveled across the United States by train
54 I'm so excited about soon getting a passport
55 I cried for a black baby doll one year for Christmas. My grandmother bought me one. I was horrified when I opened my gift and seen that baby. My brothers and I ripped the head off and tried flushing it down the toilet. That damn head just kept on bobbing in the water
56 When I was little and in Newfoundland, my Aunts made a bubble bath for me by rubbing a bar of soap on the bottom of the tub and swishing the water
57 During that same time, we went to my great-grandmother's home in Marystown. They had a castiron pump in the kitchen and outside. They also didn't have toilets. My uncles would empty out the bed pans directly into the ocean
58 I can't eat cod fish to this day
59 This is the year of my birth
60 The first 'color' tv I ever watched was a plastic sheet taped to the tv. The top was blue, middle was red and the bottom was green. Sure made the Lone Ranger interesting
61 I was hooked on 'I Love Lucy' at the age of 4, I still love Desi and Lucy
62 I use to play clarinet and the cello; both badly
63 The older I get, the less shame I have of saying and doing things
64 I have no tolerance for plastic people
65 I use to barter hash oil for whole milk, then skim the cream from the top for butter
66 I use to shot up heroin
67 I'm uncomfortable asking friends questions about themselves
68 Winter is my bestest season
69 I want to go to Alaska for an entire winter
70 When I have migraines, I visualize living in Nova Scotia, with the wind and the waves
71 I care about our world our planet and our children
72 Southern Baptists scare me
73 Native Americans make my heart race; not sure if from fear or lust
74 I use to make Jimmy Carter Peanut banks and sell them
75 When I learned how to type it was on a manual (non-electric) typewriter
76 This number reminds me of the 200 year birthday of our nation.
77 Does anyone really read these 101 things about me
78 I'm superstitious
79 I'm hungry for spaghetti suddenly
80 I suffer from social anxieties and hardly leave home unless I'm feeling manic
81 I pray all the time that I have such a wonderful husband and father for all my children
82 I feel blessed for my friends and appreciative for all that is good in my life.
83 My head is killing me just trying to think up these things about me
84 I am a foster mother and have had over 200 children come through my door
85 My daughter is my joy and greatest heart breaker
86 Matthew is my gift from above
87 Vinny is my protector for when I become to old and feeble minded to do it for myself
88 Kitana is my Star from heaven
89 Kaden keeps me going and made me discover the beauties of just being nana
90 I visualize whys that would be best to commit suicide, then pass that knowledge off to those that fail on their attempts
91 Dropping a lamp in the tub is my favorite
92 I had a friend that I let down and he killed himself. When Tim read me his obituary, I turned my ringer back on in my room....yes, I have guilt about that...but he wanted me to contact Rosie and get him tickets to her show and tell her he was going to die sooner than he was told. He really wanted a jacket
93 I have no regrets over anything I have done in my life. Even the shabby cheeky things
94 I worry constantly
95 Six more to go
96 I have poor fashion sense. Everyone cringes over my Christmas gifts.
97 Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
98 I'm thrify, unless manic
99 I bought a shit load of stuff for myself within the last 2 weeks....Merry Christmas to me
100 The whole time doing this, I've been debating to take a couple pain pills
101 Iam nice because I want lots of people to come see me when I die

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