Oh No Mama, Tell Me You Didn't Say That!
2004-10-12, 7:23 p.m.

I've got a headache from hell.
Just got back a while ago from Parent/Teacher conferences for Matty and Maelen.
Matty's English teacher told me I need to cut the apron strings! Pssst, her and her gold ass braces at age 65 at least! She said that because I admitted to helping him with the Lord Randall Ballet.
Matt's Socialogy teacher said he's a "nixsnoutz"....Pennsylvania Dutch for wisenheimer/clown. He said he's had Matty for flex/homeroom since 9th grade, plus he oversees Student Council and Matt's been on Student Council since 6th grade.
Matt's Physics teacher had good things to say. They handed me over some of his work and I just glanced at it and said it was beyond me.
Maelen is doing great compared to last year.
Her one teacher....I don't know....I probably pissed him off when I questioned "The No Child Left Behind" and his giving more credit for a homework assignment that's copied off the blackboard (math) with no effort at showing the work, than a homework assignment that is turned in late!
He justified that by saying its always been done like that....I asked if he felt it was right? I then said -isn't that the same as passing the kid on....why not tell the girls to lay on their backs, have lots of babies and collect welfare? He said that he is trying to get them to comprehend the math....it is after all remedial(?) math. I then went on to say, -that means they may not later develop a desire to further their knowledge?
I questioned him as to why he hasn't contacted me prior to the conference in regards to her D and all her missed homework assignments?
I don't think he likes me, I jabbed at his paper when indicating my disgust with getting a 1.5 for cheating when turning in 'on time' homework and only 1 point for late turn ins. I feel both should be 1 point!
The other teachers I have had prior contact with, so it wasn't anything unknown when I went in.
In the 2nd class I went to, I excused myself for a moment to call Maelen and tell her that I wanted her to stay home till I got back, which meant that she couldn't go to Volleyball.
I ran into her Volleyball coach and explained to him that Maelen would probably be out till Monday, that my expectations are considerly higher than the schools when it comes to grades and sports.
With the school you can have a D and still play....not this Mama.

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