2005-04-04, 11:26 a.m.

Its been over a week since I've updated.
Maelen isn't living here any longer.
I don't really understand what had happened to her. You'd almost have to describe it as her going crazy or having a nervous break down. No one was able to believe that ranting girl was Maelen.
She'd come home long enough to reap havoc, then she'd leave. Even though she wasn't sleeping at home, she was going to school. But while in school she'd run through the halls screaming and swearing.
It was almost like someone gave her a drug to change her personality completely. She'd swear at Tim and I, throw things, kick things and punch walls. She didn't damage anything expensive, just blinds.
Children & Youth finally picked her up at school. She was still acting wild. The Supervisor (Mr. Eunuch) went along to the High School with her Caseworker because they knew how out of control she was.
They took her to a shelter and she has remained non talkative since.
I don't understand. I'm so worried about her. The evening before she was taken away, she was here. I tried reasoning with her, telling her how much we all loved her and I said I realized that Holidays were difficult. I started crying and begging her to tell me what I could do for her. She just stood there. I then started walking away, she then came over and hugged me and walked away.
I told her Caseworker that I'd take Maelen back after she left the shelter. But Maelen said she didn't want to come back, that she wanted to go to the Girls Group Home.
My heart is broken I only pray that Maelen gets well.

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