A Side of Shame With The Ham
2005-03-28, 12:03 p.m.

I don't know what it is Maelen, but everytime something special is going on, she acts the Ass.
Yesterday instead of enjoying the Easter Holiday, I had to contend with Police and lots of angry Spanish speaking people. How fucking embarrassing! I can just imagine the discussions taking place at the neighbors dinner table.
There are times the foster children should be happy they are foster children. Yesterday was a day that Maelen should of been happy with her association. Otherwise I'd of smacked the fuck out of her.
I can't believe she's done this shit. She went out Saturday evening to the movies, I told her to come back after the movies....she didn't and she didn't come home at all.
Seeing as how I'm so stupid, I just assumed we had a language problem and I misunderstood or that she did. So in the morning I called her girlfriend up and she said Maelen wasn't there, that she had talked to her last night at 11pm and that Maelen said she was going to walk home (here). I then thought the worse and called the Police.
Here I'm thinking she's dead somewhere and all she was doing was getting an itch scratched.
She came into the house with major attitude, along with the Thug who did the scratching. Disrupted last minute dinner prep and then the meal itself.
This medication I'm on is a real wonder drug, because I didn't fight with her...I knew she was hoping I would so that she'd have an excuse to walk out the door. I just casually went about dinner, including her into conversation, although she refused to sit at the dinner table and didn't respond back to me.
After dinner, I still continued nothing was wrong and gave her the Easter gifts and the basket. She didn't say anything.
I'm not upset with her anymore, I'll just let her think about what she's done and the trust she has destroyed.
This morning I told her how hurt and embarrassed she made me in front of my brother and his family. She just told me she didn't care.
I then let her go back to her room. I'm honestly at a loss as to what to do.

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