mish mash
2004-12-31, 6:29 p.m.

I feel so silly for still being so upset about Jerry Orbach's passing. He reminded me in many ways of my Father, my Father shared many characteristic's as Jerry Orbach's character, Lenny, on L&O.
When I told Tim of his passing, he asked who that was....I said -the older guy on L&O....not the old guy.
Damn I'm getting old.
Driving back from the Chinese Restuarant...which jacked me off, because the food was cold and which I refused to pay for...I was looking at the sunset and it reminded me of Altoona.
I could remember so much of that memory! When I thought back as to how old I was, I was shocked! It was 30 years ago.
Tonight were going to head into downtown and watch the big bologna drop.
Boy oh boy, it sure is neat living in Amish Country, NYC can't beat our bologna!!!
Vinny is quite adamant about not eating it! He saw it hanging from a crane when we were driving through town. He needn't worry....it goes to the Rescue Mission and Salvation Army to be doled out to the homeless and poor.

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