Oh Yeah, The Gifts To Me
2004-12-28, 12:09 a.m.

I received some very nice and most unusual gifts.
When Dawn and Robert were in Mexico they bought me a beautifully hand painted serving dish with individual bowls.
Maelen got me many many candles! She and I share the same sense of what smells good, which is wonderful, because I'm very prone to migraines with some smells.
Vinny gave to me a beautiful peacock pin.
Kitana a lovely bracelet, unfortunately the charms started popping off almost immediately.
Matthew....a squishy foot pillow that vibrates for the 2 of us to share while at the computer, foot cream and a huge framed photo of Muhammid Ali.
He was out shopping and came home and asked me what sports figures I liked....pffft....I thought hard and came up with Ali. He jumped off the couch, ran into the kitchen and whispered to Tim.
Turns out he had already purchased the picture and was thrilled he had gotten the right one. I do love boxing, but not since Tyson will I watch it anymore. He took the fun out of being a spectator.
I received many gifts and cards from Matty's friends...which really surprised me.
I'm feeling less pissy.
I don't understand why Tim insists I go to his family's Christmas get together. Forcing me into social situations puts me in such a foul mood and I behave badly for days; a day before, the day of and the day after.
Normally I'll baby his ass when he's sick, this time he had to suffer it out all by himself....like I always do!!!!
Robert was a god send. He helped with the manly stuff of craving the ham and turkey, over seeing that there was enough meat cut to be serve, etc. etc... Kaden wasn't up to eating much, nor sitting for any length of time at the table, so we both went upstairs to watch tv and hopefully fall asleep together.
After Robert was done eating he brought me a glass of Merlot up!!!
As for what Tim got me....lots and lots of wonderful things! I of course selected everyone of them but was kind enough to included his name on the gifts too!
Thats what he gets for being a shit head and forcing me to go places I don't like going.

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