Whistle While You Work
2005-04-19, 10:43 p.m.

I should be packing lunches.
I'm soooooooo tired and achey.
Learning so much, wow, some of it is disgusting stuff.
I can have a conversation where 'shank' is a normal word to use.
Oh my.
Bought myself a pair of Doc Martens steel toed boots. Yup, if one of those ladies should stomp on my foot, it's not going to hurt me.
Vinny is back being my boy and his interest is too much for him to mimic his daddy's.
I put the boots on at home to show Tim and Vinny. Vinny was jumping on my foot, then he wanted them on...he begged Tim to stomp on his foot, but Tim refused and turned away.
Haha, he hates me working here, and I feel like a little kid at an amusement park.

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