Gambling On Me
2005-04-18, 6:52 p.m.

A good day I had indeed.
I am a creature of habit and there are 'must be' things that have to be done to start my day off correctly.
I woke at 5:30am...without an alarm, The Blessed Mother knew that was the time I was to get up. I started the coffee and grabbed the paper. Smoked about 3 cigerettes while reading the paper. Went upstairs, scrubbed the bathroom down, made beds, finished the last of the laundry, dressed, did dishes and debated on if I should log on and jot an entry real quick. Decided I'd forget about the time and be late for work, so I just zoned out for a few moments.
I wasn't nervous at all! No new job jitters, just had a willingness to learn something I've never known about. So instead of jitters I had a feeling of anticipation of new things to be learned.
Prior to lunch, the Instructor spoke about the importance of your keys. How they should never ever be left out of your sight or control. That was the very last thing we touched down on before being dismissed for lunch.
God Damned if I didn't lose the friggin locker key!!!! I hunted and hunted and couldn't find it. I finally gave up, went back to the class (without playing follow the leader, just all my lonesome) got buzzed into the classroom and stated I just lost the fucking locker key...yes, I really said fucking!
Oh my God, such an issue it was. He called and had another Officer (not to call ourselves 'Guards') and had her check the ladies room...not there, so he preceeded with class.
When we went for another break, I went and checked my car and there it was between the seat and that thing in the middle!
After class we went to check out and our Instructor told a couple of guys sitting at the desk that the key was found...they asked who lost it? He pointed to me and one of the guys groaned and tossed a five dollar bill to the other guy!!!!

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