Waa Waa Susan
2004-09-30, 11:43 a.m.

I'm so tired still. Thats good, I'm hoping I'll finally be able to sleep like a normal person.
My last entry made me seem like some psychotic bitch. I probably am, but I sure don't like adding to that perception.
I am dedicated, heart and soul, to what ever endeavor I elect to participate in. I'm loyal and will fight for what I feel is right, unfortunately I have yet learned to master the art of diplomacy. I'm an old dog, if I haven't obtained those skills now, chances are I never will.
Susan, the ex-treasure of PTA, is attempting to beat nests of bees, so to get others in an uproar....or a selected few into an uproar.
Susan is far from liked by most people. She has the Principle, who 'understands' that there really is a nice person under that bitchy persona. I and the other Officers could give a rats ass what may be lurking under that bitches persona!
Things came to a head Tuesday evening, when Sandy called me crying. She is having a true tragedy at home. Her husband hurt himself at work, they took him to the hospital for xrays of his neck and had also discovered turmors.
It seems that the injury he received at work was a blessing in disguise, because had that not happened, the tumors could have grown and spread.
Anyways, Sandy called me and asked if I'd call and deal with Susan. She said if she had to deal with her, she'd break down crying and didn't want Susan to have an orgasm thinking she was crying about her problem she is having with Susan.
So, I called Susan....the wimpy little bitch was home and screening her calls! I explained to her that I was taking over the SantaWorkshop this year and I liked the Company we were going with! I explained to her, that for too many years, the teachers dreaded having the last 2 days of the SantaWorkshop, that the stuff was junk and far too many hidden costs with who she has gone with in all the years she has done it! I had also explained, we'd be more than happy if she'd continued to volunteer her time during that week, but that she would not be chairing it!
To date, no one has heard from her! Unless of course the Principle was lying, and Susan did contact her, which may be possible.
As I was leaving the school this morning, after returning Vinny from his Dentist appointment, I ran into the ex-President of PTA. She said she heard that the last meeting was still being discussed. She said no way is she missing the one come October and I can bet my bottom dollar, that the next meeting will be standing room only!

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