Dear PE Teacher
2004-09-29, 11:21 p.m.

I'm so tired.
Lots of drama with stupid PTA stuff.
Felt like I was acting a scene in the God Father, but instead of standing on the steps of the hospital with a Baker and our hands in our coats, I stood on the school steps, with the Vice President, and our arms crossed.
Afterwards had it out with the Principle, she tried explaining that the person to get us all in an uproar isn't a bad person, she just gives that impression.
I politely told the Principle that is all well and good that she 'understands' her, but I will take her for face value.....what I had also said, but truly much more polite like was....if she slaps, I'll beat her fucking face in! Really, I did say it nicely. The 'she' on the other hand, got a taste of my bite!
We collected the FallFundRaiser and it was a good sale! The profit from this sale alone covers our total expenses for the year!
With the other fundraisers we have, I'd like to be able to give the Gym teacher, or PE as she prefers, a gift of at least a $2000, she has done so much for the students over the years and I'd like for her to make a special purchase for the students.

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