Someone Did Voodoo On Me!
2004-10-01, 8:55 p.m.

The only good thing about constipation is no longer being constipated.
I'm constipated and will have to break out the chinese poop tea.
You never feel good after pooping when you drink the chinese poop tea. You just feel eliminated....not purged.
I think someone used strong voodoo and made me have that dream and then act on it.
You know that English actor, Huge something? He got busted a few years back for soliciting a prostitute. Anyhow he was in this movie...'About A Boy', I think thats the name of it. Anyhow the boy of title had a wacked mom. Fuck man, I look just like her, except for the red hair!

Okay, maybe I'm a bit delusional, but in the movie she looked wacked!
I could probably be more aptly compared to her!

I loved that scene in the movie. Talk about REAL

I need a Doctor.....a Voodoo Doctor!

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