Tickled Pink
2005-02-16, 1:34 a.m.

The new meds are working the way they're suppose to; reasoning as to why I haven't been updating.
I really miss my old obsessive ways. But damn, give me a place I have to be at a specific time and I'm off.
The acids are boiling (got pills for that too) and had to come down to take a couple nerve pills.
Poor little Vinny, he looks like his dad, but acts just like his mom. But, Vin's drama just about kills me! Even for him to sneeze becomes such a dramatic affair.
He's been home for 2 days sick, and I'm about to go crazy. My hands are chapped from washing dishes and my hands constantly. I feel like Edith Bunker, running to wait on Archie. I'm constantly making him something to eat, only for him to take a few bites and decide an hour later that he wants something else. In between the food prep, I'm fetching drinks and picking up used tissues!!!! And I must not forget all the school work!!!!
I have to do all of those things with a smile on my face and lightness in my voice, if not, I'm dealing with a child on the brink of a break down of some sort....most of those episodes indicate a psychotic warping of some sort.
But geez, gotta love the little booger anyhow.
Oh...and you'd think I'd be tickled pink about going to a scheduled appointment, considering it's for my damn green card that has taken over 2 years to obtain!

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