Practicing With That Neat Code
2004-08-02, 12:46 a.m.

I just went in and gave Vinny his late night kisses. I'm glad he's getting older. I'm not much for dealing with real little ones for any lenght of time.

And it has taken him a very long time to grow up. Although, I did love these moments.

I sure love that new code! Thanks alot WetLeg.


Dawn's still being a poo poo head. See Dear Diary, I'm doing my best at keeping a stiff upper lip. She'll now be referred to as Ms.Victim.


I've had a cell phone for 5 months. Tonight I finally used it. I called Matty and he started laughing when I said I was calling from home.

I really hate telephones.


I was talking to Sharon tonight. She said she was really embarrassed when she read my entry on our shopping adventure.

I told her I debated putting in the part about her being deaf to the sounds of agony that came forth from the kids...but decided it needed to go in.

She said I wasn't the first person to comment about how much she loves shopping. I just happened to make it very public!

Funny....she loves shopping...I hate it, but spent 3x's more than her.

I suppose I could say, if I have to do something, I make it worth my while.


As for those Amish......I'd never eat anything from them. There isn't enough heat to destory what nasty old germs they have growing from under all that dirt that covers them! They take a bath but for once a week and God only knows how many of them share the same bucket water!

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