Shopping With A Neurotic Child
2004-08-03, 11:24 a.m.

Matty called me last night on his way back from Lancaster. He asked -did we get any rain, I said no. He said he was driving through about 6 inches at that moment. I asked -are you driving and talking to me at the same time? -Yeah, I was scared, so thought I'd call you up. I told him to pull over to a high incline and wait the rain out. I had to stress high, knowing him, he'd of pulled over in a low dip of the highway.


I got Maelen, <--finally correct spelling of her name, registered for school. She also signed up for the Volleyball Team! Lucky us, they had the free physicals last night.

Lordy, there was the most beautiful Physician there giving physicals! He came out looking for the next person, saw me and asked if I was next....oolala, sigh, wishful wanton desire.


Maelen and her friend made a delicious Puerto Rican dinner last night. The flan was so yummy.

They asked me how I wanted the chicken made...I said I didn't care, providing it wasn't fried. I said fried foods make the house stink. I immediately felt horrible after I said that, realizing when Maelen comes back from visiting her at her house, she reeks of the grease.

I want to try to be less bitchy, so I will not comment further on the dinner...more apt; the guests.


I really want to get this back to school shopping done, but Vin, like every damn year, has a freaking fit when I get him to try on long pants!

He's so damn skinny that I have a rough time finding pants for him, plus he can't have jeans that have the top button, they have to be snaps, can't have belts because he hasn't the desire to stand there for 15 seconds to undo it to go to the bathroom, can't have jeans that look like Matt's because he doesn't want anyone to think he's ghetto or gangsta. That leaves dress pants or the ones that don't have his size at all....anywhere.

Yeah, a friggin illegal lobotomy sounds like more fun than shopping with Vin.

Even shirts and shoe shopping is a pain in the ass with that child!

I'm about to just outfit him from KMarts sweatpant and shirt department, with bobo velcro sneakers to match!

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