Just A Quickie
2006-01-06, 10:03 a.m.

Thank God the Holidays are over!
I've been so exhausted that on my days off all I do is sleep.
Work is going great, I was in Central Control the other night; that's sort of what you'd consider the mechanical heart of the prison. It wasn't as difficult as I imagined it to be. I only had one mishap where I almost closed/crushed a door on an Officer going through. The other neat thing about being in Central is that I can smoke at the panel. I guess they feel since it's so stressful in there we can smoke.
The cold weather seems to bring in all the crazies. My last night on we had to take down a 350 pound woman and place her in a padded cell. She kept slamming her head into the concrete walls and screaming like she was possessed by Demons. Hmmm, perhaps those Demons she was crying and whimpering about last week did take possession of her.
She was actually good leverage for me. When the inmates start yanking my chain, I'd move them into a cell with the least desired inmate. I know she had several of the inmates scared shitless when she'd start her screaming like a banshee.
I was playing around with the riot baton one night and almost hit my Sergeant, thank god the chair was there to block the blow. I've been so excited about going to the Academy for training, only to find out that I won't be certified in the telescopic baton. There's talk that we may get the training for that baton back at our prison!
Now when were walking around at night, Joey won't have to worry about using/carrying his gun when I start fucking around with assholes on the street. On the other hand, I'd be more apt to instigate something just so I could use the baton!
God I love my job! It is kind of embarrassing that I fit the typical profile of a someone employed at a prison. I'm so laid back at home, but an hour or so before I head to work, I start getting hyper/pumped up for what ever the evening has in store for me. I might be old and short, but I won't back down and most of the inmates know I want nothing better to do than spray their damn asses or write them up, adding another 30 days to their sentences.
I'm only like that when working the block, those women drive me nuts. They're usually the ones just put in and come in dope sick or from the State Prison. They have major attitudes and I have little tolerance for their crap. I sort of view the block as follow up foster care.
I do like working outmate/work release. Back there they have many privilages that they'd hate to give back and so they are nicer and more respectful. When the girls hit back there they are always shocked at how nice I am. I tell them I'm the same person that I just give back what I receive.

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