2005-12-21, 7:33 p.m.

Things are going good. Busy constantly and can't remember shit.
Thank goodness for those pre-made dough cookies, otherwise they wouldn't have any baked cookies for Christmas. I'm not going to bother making my rolls or breads. Christmas Eve luncheon will be made with lots of short cuts.
The great thing about working is that I spend way less money on everyone. I'm sure Tim is thrilled, but the kids won't be, but then again they want those big pricy items....Matty got a video recorder for his computer....trust me, I don't even want to know what he'll be taping.
Went to some Christmas get togethers...it seems weird to do these things without Tim at my side.
A few of my favorite Bandits are leaving this week. I really hope they do well and I hope the next time I see them will be on the street.
Thank you everyone for my cards. It means much to me and so sorry I've not been able to reciprocate.....maybe a little late, but hopefully I'll get them out.

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