Pretty Boy
2005-11-29, 2:43 a.m.

I can't remember the last time I've been in Dear Diary, but I really miss you heaps.

I'm less afraid at work in regards to the Senior Corrections Officer being a black widow spider and getting me fired since I've gone full time. I'm enjoying myself more and more.

Some of the older Corrections Officer's are very compliant when dealing with the Inmates. I don't go there.....I'll smile at you one minute, but God forbid I should see you participating in something against the rules and I'm writing your ass up and getting you on locks for a month or so.
Because of that attitude, I've become know as a HardAss. Big whoop, and they feel I'm awfully bold for just starting.....yeah okay, I've only been there 8 months, but if they want me to be just as non-compliant as they are, they have another think coming their way!

Tonight I had to run down to Intake for new commitments that came in. When you go to intake, all you have to do is pat them down, remove their shoes and put them into a holding cell. At our jail, females are done by the female C.O.'s.
When I got down there, there were 2 guys standing in a row and what I perceived as 3 women. I told the females to get up against the wall so I could take their shackles and cuffs off. I called out, "You 3 Ladies, up against the wall". The prettiest of them all said he wasn't a girl.
Lordy I was so embarrassed!
Anyways, I got the 2 patted and put into the holding cell and one of the male C.O.'s asked the pretty boy if he'd mind if he'd take his cuffs and shackles off for him, thinking he was doing me a favor. As I was walking the female back to the holding cell, the C.O. said, "Here Officer Barb, you can pat her down now." I just looked at him and laughed and said he was all his!
Funny thing about the whole thing, and the only reason I write about it, is because I don't think the guy was gay. But the C.O. who thought he was a girl, certainly is gay.

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