Ah, What A Wonderful Night
2005-10-30, 11:33 a.m.

Officer Ratchett (A perfect discription of Officer Ratchett is: An old Peg Bundy and the mannerisms of the Head Nurse from 'OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sNest') was back on duty from her 2 days off. I prayed to God and all my favorite Saints offering thanks that I was stationed in the Work Release section.....away from Officer Ratchett.
I took the key for outdoor entry so I wouldn't even have to go up near the control station/Officer Ratchett. That way I was able to go out and smoke without her telling me the dangers of smoking and mostly her counting how often I visited the locker room.
The night pasted quickly and I spent my time reading and hanging out with the 'Bandits'.
Officer Ratchett got hit with a mandatory of the entire next shift. None of us volunteered to do part of her shift....I had gotten hit 2 nights prior, but only had to do the front half and someone did my back half. But no one likes Ratchett and she had to do it all.
She complained of not having any money to purchase food and lack of sleep. I turned a deaf ear to her and went back to my section. Even the new trainees can't stand her.

Oh yay for me....I'm learning diplomacy!!!

One of the ladies had a serious funk happening, and many of the others came complaining to me about it.....I woke her up and explained to her that she may want to take a shower and change her clothes because of the odors from her job. A month ago I'd of more than likely told her that her chauchie smelled and she best get in and soap up good.

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