2006-04-01, 1:32 a.m.

We had a major fight on one of the blocks tonight. An inmate who is bi-polar, schizophrenic and coming down off PCP, punched another inmate. When the other inmates saw that a melee broke out.
Nine inmates jumped the inmate who threw the first punch, then another inmate grabbed the hotpot full of water and tossed in on him.
The inmate was still so high on the PCP that it never even phased him. He just stood there screaming like a maniac thumping his chest.
When they heard the doors clicking open, they ran like rats to their housing areas because they knew the fogger (huge canister of pepper spray) was coming in, along with a large gathering of Officers.

Needless to say, Medical had their hands tied up for hours over this situation.
My partner went along on the transport to the hospital with the wild guy. He said out of all his years doing transports he never saw a guy act like he did. He said he had his hand on the gun the entire trip to the hospital.
The guy damn near broke out of his restraints and when he noticed all the blood on himself, he started licking it off like a wild animal. He was also trying to eat the dead skin off his body, from the scalding.
I told my partner it was good that he had been in Booking prior to coming to the prison for several hours because there was a Police Officer that had emptied his 9mm and reloaded on some guy high on PCP, and the guy didn't die!!! But the Police Officer lost his job due to undue force.
Crap, I hope he doesn't stay long.

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