The Smell of Evil
2006-04-08, 1:17 a.m.

Yesterday an inmate in the restrictive housingUnits told me he was getting out next week. I asked where he was going, he excitedly said "HOME!", I snorted and said yeah, right. He asked me if I'd go out to dinner with him, um, nooooo. He said he'd just come to my house....I laughed at him and said if my big dog didn't scare him, my gun surely would.
Little did he know that I knew his DNA was due back this week.....
It came back today with his DNA matching.
He's looking at the Death Penalty.
Hmmmm, wonder if it would be rude to say anything about dinner?

Did you know that 'evil' really has an odor? I mean, it has its own unique smell.
Yesterday when I was working CentralControl, part of my duty is to do half hour checks on the RestrictiveHousingUnit, thats where the really bad guys are kept. As soon as I unlocked the unit, I was able to detect an odd smell. It was the type of smell that kept me far against the wall. There was no way in hell I was going to go close to the cells.
When I do my checks in there I usually tease the guys....much to my dismay, they call me 'RoboCop' and I call them all my 'Bitches'. I'm always snagging contraband from them.
Anyways, today at briefing I learned that the one guy in there has to be shackled and belted even when he takes a shower.
I guess he must of gone nuts on some of the Officers last night.
I'm glad I kept my distance.

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