Ah, That's Not What's Wrong
2005-05-03, 6:23 p.m.

A girl came in a few days ago who tested positive for TB. She's pregnant, and we're waiting to get orders from an OB-GYN for a chest x-ray.
We aren't required to get a physical yet, but as soon as I hear the news I called my Doctor and got a TB test. Now it will be on record I don't have TB and if I should eventually get it, it's because of the job.
When I went to the Doctor's and he saw I had a physical form for employment, he asked what work I was applying for, I was sort of embarrassed to tell him. When I did, his eyes got big and he asked if I wasn't afraid of the inmates. I told him my psych problems weren't people, but public places and crowds.
Actually I feel safer in the blocks than I do going to a Wal-mart in a rough part of town. At least on the blocks, your back is covered and you know who your dealing with.
I've got a friggin headache from hell. There was so guy in Restrictive housing screaming and kicking the door and walls all day. It got to the point I wished a CO would go over and kick his ass.........

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