Feeling My Nerve
2004-09-20, 9:09 a.m.

Lordy it takes a bit of feeling your nerve to put things into perceptive.

I just got back from the school so that I could hurry and put the credit card slips into the box that contained the credit card machine. But it had already been picked up.

I had intended getting there early, but was in a foul mood and decided to make everyone else as foul as me.

Much apologizes to those that were accidently effected...I'm like a tornado during the moment and don't care who is in the way. One person who I hurt I just love the stuffings out of. I spoke to you earlier, and dont' want anyone to get confused as to who I'm apologizing to!

Anyways got to the school, saw the books were gone, but ran into the Gym teacher, who was here for dinner the other night.

We stood there laughing about some conversation that occurred during dinner...one of which was Matty coming to the table and telling Edna she ought to come to dinner more often, because it had been a long long time since he had a homecooked meal like this! If I had not know Edna for years, I'd of felt my nerve.

After walking out of the building, I ran into Andrea who Sandy was able to talk into taking over Chairing the Fair. I explained I needed certain papers so that I had the addresses to mail the check off to, plus, I needed the address to send the credit card slips too.

We got to talking about other things and I went to give her a thumbs up, but accidently gave her the finger!!!!

!!!!!Oh My God!!!!!

I was so embarrassed!

She laughed and I had also laughed with her, but I truly felt like crying from the shame of it.

Holy shit, I really got to control my anger. I have to learn to let it wash over me and not let peon's influence my entire time.

But.....I'm not a person who can turn a cheek after a slap/punch and offer the other one. I'll just slap you harder and for a longer time.

Now I have to head out for fire wood.

Oh yeah.....come and embrace me winter!

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