Mother Father & Ivan
2004-09-11, 8:09 a.m.

My StepFather is fine so far in Florida. He arrived during Frances. He had unloaded the car of things that he took from the old house, went and got things from the market then went to bed.

The next day he had to go in for dialysis, but the entry was damaged and he had to go to the hospital.

I thought I'd never be so relieved to hear he was in the hospital. But he's not in there now. They released him Tuesday and he still hasn't phone service. And he doesn't have a cell phone, but I was told that probably wouldn't help him anyways because of tower damage or something like that.

My Mother had also gone down. I thought at first she was down to live with my Grandmother. But she had only gone down for a visit and will be returning on the 21st, with her car and whatever belongings, I imagine, she had left at W@yne's.

I told W@yne when he gets out of the hospital he should get the locks changed, since Mom has keys. He said he plans on it.

I had called my brother that lives in Arlingt0n to find out what is going on with Mom. I didn't tell him that I knew she had gone down to Florida. I had gotten that information from my StepSister, of all people. I just didn't feel like giving much information in regards to my standing with her than what he is probably hearing from J0ey and Brend@. Let him hear their shit, I refuse to validate or dispute it.

J0hnny said she will be staying off an on with all her children.



If I weren't so superstitious, I'd wish up all kinds of case scenarios for her and Ivan.

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