Michael Moore: A Fat Pompous Fucking Toad!
2004-06-27, 1:37 p.m.

Summer is here, but it is thankfully not a very hot one.

I was talking to my Step Dad on the telephone and he said he bought some little neck clams for 9cents a piece! Made me very hungry for clams, so I went to the fish market. But woe to me, they weren't 9cents here, but a whooping 33cents each! It didn't matter, the desire was there so I bought just 50.

While at the market, I asked if they had any LongIsland long neck oysters? No, but it caught the curiousity of another customer in the market. She goes.."oh you asked for them properly, are you from Long Island?" I said no so she asked where I was from, I said originally from Newfoundland, but due to job transfers, I've been to many places. She laughed when I said I was from Newfoundland and said and your bilingual too! I laughed....she then said she was originally from Buffalo. I laughed some more, hey the court was open to volley one liners! I said to her the last job that I had that required transfers, I had ticked someone off in the Head Office and they were transferring me to Buffalo! I said I quit that job.

She had then moved to Long Island, and has since landed here. We both agreed that our little town is wonderful and glad to live here.


I got a new girl last Wednesday. She is a runaway from San Antonio,Texas. She is a very nice girl and she is lucky to be alive.

She met someone on-line from my town and left with $350.oo, paid $200 for a GreyHound Bus ticket and landed here. The person she met is 28 years old, still living at home with his mother, in the projects, an 18 year old sister, two 7 year old twin sister along with 4 other brothers.

She came here and only had $80.oo left. With that money remaining she purchased food, cigerettes, shampoo, conditioner a hairbrush and hair ties for the little girls.

She was most appalled at the way they lived. See, she is a young girl from a middle class background. She is very articulate and exhibits some intelligent awareness. I think that is why she decided to turn herself in to the Police as a runaway. Plus the Mother had just come back from Egypt.

Now the Mom I have heard about prior to her telling me anything. I may not leave the house much, but I certainly know much of what goes on in my town.

This woman, along with another woman...from the Projects, met themselves some men from Egypt. They are your typical white trash ladies of yore. They then agree to go to Egypt to marry these yahoos, make periodic trips over there, so that these men can get citizenship or visa's to come over to this country.

Isn't that lovely? White Trash enabling Terrorism!


Michael Moore should be arrested for propagating bullshit during a time of war. He should be arrested as an enemy. That fat pompous fucking toad!

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