I'm Still as Happy as A Lark
2005-07-12, 1:52 a.m.

I've been so busy lately....to busy to shop and spend some of that money I'm bringing in, WAIT, Matty hasn't any problem in hitting me up for money.

I finally finished up the PTA books. It was hard and since I need lots of guilt to motivate me into doing things I don't want to do, I called the President up and flip out on her answering machine. I've been working lots of 16 hour shifts and I try to squeeze in seeing my kids, clean the house and oh yeah, sleep. Believe me, doing those books and sending them to the school Principal wasn't a high priority to me. But after I flipped on Sandy's answering machine, I got up the next day and finished them.
Oh, that reminds me I have to call her up and ask her if she saw any problems with the books.

Maelen will be moving back home in September! I'm so very happy and so is the rest of the family, including Dawn Marie. We all have missed her so very much.

I now understand what Sharon means by saying she feels like a bad mother. We both love our jobs (by the way Sharon, I met your cousin today in Central. Knowing strange sex things must run in the family! [Karen, on her Dad's side])
I feel so guilty for loving my job so much and spending so much time there.
Tim hasn't said anything to me except to tell me there isn't a need for me to work like this, that money isn't a priority.

Heck, I don't think it's about the money anyhow. I've just tossed out some old obsessions for a new one....work. At least this obsession has some rewards....chaching!

Matty is working full time at the Pharmacy and then he is out all the time after work, so between our 2 schedules, we hardly ever get to see more than 30 minutes with each other.

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