2005-07-21, 10:54 a.m.

I've learned how to do a primitive lobotomy. I swear to Jesus, its going to be hard to sit on those directions.

I'm still loving working. Its kind of neat having the extra money. I am cutting back on my hours that I have been working. I pushed myself last week to see how much I could work without snapping. I was able to max out on 4 doubles and a single in a row. PLUS keep up with laundry, and general housekeeping! But I won't discuss how I came unhinged, at least not in this diary.

One of the inmates gave me a strange compliment last night. She is going to court today and she thinks she'll have to go to the State Prison. She asked me to make an exception to what I take as foster children...age wise. She wants me to take her 8 year old son, that she knows he'd be well taken care of in my home.

Its sort of strange for me at times at work because I see many of the children I've had in my home. One of the girls I had is in on manslaughter charges. Another inmate asked me if all my kids have ended up in Prison? I told her no, that some are enrolled in College and others are doing well. She then told me she wished I had been her foster mother.

Many of the Officers are paranoid about the inmates knowing where they live and who their family is on the outside. Me, I know it's a legit concern, but most of them know me, my family and where I live. They even ask me what I'd do if they showed up on my door step at dinner time? I told them I'd invite them in to eat, but then after dinner request that they don't visit me again.

Its so crowded at the jail. The Parole Officers have been taking to the streets and rounding up many of their clients on parole violations.
Even though the prison is under construction to add more space for the women, it still isn't enough. The Detail Officer is clearing out a storage closet/room and adding housing for 8 more inmates. Its been so crazy, just last night we had 45 new commitments on my shift alone.

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