Holy Moly
2004-05-28, 9:58 a.m.

Its not even 10am and I feel as if I have had a workout.

Finally, our side of the City gets to experience the benefits of 'free' benefits that the other side gets.

They, the City, are having free pick-up of green waste.

I told Tim about it and asked that he get the green pile out from the back and put it on the street. Finally, I was able to get him to just carry out the Xmas tree from last year.

I awoke to the sounds of the City trucks and dashed out to move my car. Then I saw that Tim never did the dead limb off the tree.

I have never in my life laid hands upon a saw.....but the trucks were coming and it's FREE pick-up! I ran, yes ran by my standards, downstairs grabbed the saw and hacked it off.

Hacked is a misleading word. Hack makes it seem EASY, my arms are killing me! But I beat the City Crew and had it at the curb as they were approaching our itty bitty pile.

After that ran to the market to pick up a few quick items. And this man standing behind me comments about all how it appears that I'm getting ready for the holiday.....I forgot about it, its just that the soda was on a great sale. He then preceeded in telling me how he is in a hurry to get home, that he just got out of jail!

Holy Moly, why is it people, complete strangers, feel so comfortable telling me such private things in such public places?!!?

He said he had to go to jail for 4 days because he didn't pay his speeding ticket.


He also said the Judge told him that there are over 2000 warrants out for people!

Wow, and I live in a small town.

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